hughie izachaar

Early years and roots

Hughie was born in Jamaica and raised by his uncle
who owned a very successful store with an adjoining
bar and dancehall. Hughie came to London at the age
of 13. at the request of his family and settled in Arnos
Grove. After arriving in London, Hughie discovered that
life was going to be very different to what he had been
used to back in Jamaica. His family in the UK were very
strict. Hughie's passion for music led him to constantly
disobey the words of his mother and he repeatedly
attended sound systems and dances all over London.

This continued until the age of 17, when a final warning
was issued. When Hughie returned home later that night;
he found his few possessions bagged-up and left on the
door step of his family home. At this point it was make or
break for this young black man alone in London. He had
no money, no job, or qualifications and nowhere to live.
The only thing driving Hughie was his passion for making
music and this led him to make a very important decision
which helped make him the artist he is today.

The army years

His only alternative to being homeless led him to join the
British Army and he served his full term and left with an
outstanding record. Several years were spent posted
in Germany. Over that period the desire to play music
had not faded and on leaving the army he followed his
dream to play music


Professional career

Hughie's natural ability led him to start playing
professionally immediately. Originally a Guitarist, Hughie
taught himself to play bass and many other instruments.
He is also a talented vocalist. This secured him live and
studio work with artists such as Pablo Gad, Ras Imru and
many more artists. He went on to play and perform both
solo and alongside some of the greats like Barry Issacs,
Dub-Syndicate and the The War Professor.


In his 30 year plus musical career, Hughie has produced and released many singles and albums for himself together with the many artists he has worked with. He also has toured in Japan and Germany amongst other countries and his musical skills are known worldwide.

Hughie today

Hughie continues to support his cause and play Jamaican
Reggae and currently is playing and producing new rhythms all the time. A new album due to be released any time now which will be supported by some live dates.

He is currently playing bass with the reformed Dub Syndicate, legendary On-U Sound band and recording albums with Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Max Romeo.


By Elisa Perez-Sphar